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1. Is the Cleanzi Mitt hygienic as a reusable makeup remover?

Yes. The Cleanzi Mitt is made of fibre's which do not cultivate bacteria growth. But it is very important to remember to clean it after every use, and hang it in an airy room to dry.

2. Do you need any other products to remove makeup with The Cleanzi Mitt?

You do not need any other products when using The Cleanzi Mittt to remove makeup, simply just add water. However if you are using waterproof mascara maybe helpful to use your normal cleanser, just to remove the eye makeup. Also if you have very sensitive or reactive skin then you can use your cleanser to use in conjunction with the exfoliation side of the mitt.

3. How do you clean The Cleanzi Mitt?

Cleanzi Mitt makeup remover should be hand washed with any anti bacterial soap daily after use and once a month in your normal cycle washing load just to keep your mitt in tip top shape.

4. Can I use The Cleanzi Mitt daily?

Yes, The Cleanzi Mitt can be used daily. The Cleanzi Mitt protects skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier and is an efficient way to make other skin care products (such as creams) more effective. However for the exfoliation side we would recommend not to use it any more than 3 times per week. If skin is sensitive and reactive then once a week and in conjunction with your normal cleanser.

5. Is tap water safe for my skin?

It’s as safe as using tap water while taking a shower or a bath.

6. What products does Cleanzi Mitt replace?

The Cleanzi Mitt is not only a makeup remover. It replaces 5 skincare cosmetics: eye makeup remover, face cleansing milk, exfoliator, face wash gel, and cotton pads. The Cleanzi Mitt is a time and money saver!

7.) How long will my Cleanzi Mitt last?

The Cleanzi Mitt can be used daily for up to 6 months minimum.

8. What is the difference between The Cleanzi Mitt and ordinary microfiber?

The Cleanzi Mitt fibre's are made using micro technology, so they have electrostatic properties and absorb makeup like a magnet. Furthermore, they have been dermatologically tested and assessed as hypoallergenic.

9. How do you use The Cleanzi Mitt?

1. Moisten The Cleanzi Mitt with water 2. Press The Cleanzi Mitt against the skin for a moment and gently remove makeup using a circular motion 3. Turn The Cleanzi Mitt around and exfoliate your skin in soft circular movement. Please ensure you do not use on broken inflamed skin or inflamed acne. Exfoliation must not be carried out more than three times per week. 4.Wash The Cleanzi Mitt again and wipe all over your face for a final cleanse. 5.Clean The Cleanzi Mitt with any anti bacterial Cleanser or a bar of soap 6. Let The Cleanzi Mitt dry, and repeat!

10. What is The Cleanzi Mitt made of?

The Cleanzi Mitt uses micro-fibre's which are made using micro technology. The unique micro-fibre's are one hundred times thinner than a human hair, and shaped like a star to grab and remove makeup without damaging skin.

11. Any Contra Indications?

Yes, please make sure you only use the exfoliate side, no more than 3 times per week. If you have sensitive of reactive skin do not use the mitt more than once a week and you can use it alongside a gentle cleanser. 

Also please ensure you do not use the mitt on inflamed acne or broken skin.

For further information please do not hesitate to email care@shopskinbysam.com